Język angielski: Christmas quizzes on Kahoot (Lekcja 4)

Prezentujemy czwarty i ostatni konspekt zajęć z języka angielskiego autorstwa pani nauczycielki Agaty. Zajęcia przygotowano dla uczniów szkół podstawowych i dotyczą sposobów wykorzystania Internetu i komputera do nauki języka obcego. Temat czwarty: Christmas quizzes on Kahoot.

Lesson topic: Emoticon’s crossword puzzles
Grade: 7th
Age of students: 12-13
Number of students: 13
Time: 45 minutes
Level: A1

computer with the Internet access, smart phones, tablets, Kahoot platform with Christmas quizzes and games

Key vocabulary:
Santa Claus, tree, chimney, holy wafer, holly, candy cane, stocking, snowman, wreath, bells, gingerbread, mistletoe, candle, cracker, pudding

Main goal:
to provide vocabulary related to the topic Christmas traditions

Subsidiary goals:
– to memorise vocabulary related to the topic “Christmas”
– to practice pronunciation and spelling of new words
– to provide knowledge about Christmas traditions in the United Kingdom

Assumed knowledge:
Students ought to know the differences in celebrating Christmas in Poland and in United Kingdom
Students ought to know the meaning of words connected with the subject

Anticipated problems:
Some students could have problems with the work pace when doing Christmas quizzes on Kahoot
Some students may find it difficult to remember the meaning of all new vocabulary.
Students may not remember at first the rules on Kahoot platform

The teacher refreshes the rules which are important to play on the Kahoot platform
At the beginning the teacher refreshes with students the words which were introduced in previous years that are related to the topic


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