Język angielski: Emoticon’s crossword puzzles (Lekcja 3)

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Język angielski: Emoticon’s crossword puzzles (Lekcja 3)

Prezentujemy trzeci konspekt zajęć z języka angielskiego autorstwa pani nauczycielki Agaty. Zajęcia przygotowano dla uczniów szkół podstawowych i dotyczą sposobów wykorzystania Internetu i komputera do nauki języka obcego. Temat trzeci: Emoticon’s crossword puzzles.

Lesson topic: Emoticon’s crossword puzzles
Grade: forth
Age of students: 12-13
Number of students: 13
Time: 45 minutes
Level: A1

computer with Internet access, worksheets with crosswords puzzles, interactive board, e-Twinning project page,

Key vocabulary:
Emoticon, fruit juice, vegetable salad, tomato soup, tea spoon, tea table

Main goal:
– to provide the knowledge about compound nouns: their structure and way of translation
– to provide and memorise the meaning of some compound nouns, mostly related to the topic: food

Subsidiary goals:
– to practice the use of compound word
– to develop vocabulary basis to the topic; food
– to develop collaboration with the school form Turkey on the eTwinning platform.
– to practice the building of small crosswords puzzles in English

Assumed knowledge:
Students should know the way of building and translating and meaning of some compound words
Students can build and do some crosswords puzzles connected with topic: food.

Anticipated problems:
Some students could have problems with doing some crosswords
Some students may find it difficult to remember the meaning of all new compound words

Teacher can create a small glossary to the topic: food

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